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Econoline Crushes The Forge

Aug 17th 2017


Econoline Crush from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada formed in 1992. They have released four studio albums with Platinum and Gold Status as well as singles such as “Wicked”, “Home”, “Surefire”, “All That You Are”, “Sparkle & Shine”, “You Don’t Know What It’s Like”, “Make It Right” and “Dirty”.

We are pleased to have Trevor Hurst and Company grace our stage on September 9th (Get tickets at We will be announcing local support very soon! Below is the latest interview answering some burning questions…

Econoline Crush has been through the thick and thin within the Canadian Music Industry and after all of the years that you have been active players in the industry what creates the strive in still making a push for Econoline Crush?
We love the music and now we are more than a band we are family. We have been through so much together. I just enjoy making music with these guys. There is a chemistry that we have that can’t be replicated. It is truly amazing when we lock in.

Trevor Hurst ~ Lead Vocalist~ Econoline Crush.

And Again going on the fact that you have been creating and playing music throughout the years has the current industry suppressed your current outlook of The Canadian Music Industry?
I honestly I have very little to do with the “music industry”. We do everything ourselves. It keeps the doubters at the door.

Returning to the road full time for the month of August what are you looking forward to the most as you tour Across Canada?
The fans!! We have so many amazing fans that have supported us over the years. We have built a great group of friends over our career and touring gives us a chance to reconnect.

Read the Full Interview HERE


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